Budget Expectation from Nirmala Sitaraman for the Financial Year 2022-2023

Nowadays, we are hearing that budget is in processing. Taxpayer is expecting too much from finance minister for this fiscal year. and taxpayer is right because one side covid case is increasing and another side is taxpayer is tension about if increasing cases what will be impact on businesses and how will survive business and economy

We are hoping that finance minister gives some relief to taxpayer who are in business as well as in salaried taxpayer. in compare last financial year budget , this budget will be helpful to taxpayer as tax slab and limit increasing tax exemption. so that number of tax payer will be increasing in contributing income tax return and also country growth. We are providing income tax return filing services in Ahmedabad Gujarat India.

Basic tax exemption will be increase from 2.50 lacs to some higher amount and also gives relaxation to salaried taxpayer.

We will be waiting schedule date on 1st February 2022 and honored by finance minister for the financial year 2022-2023.

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