Overview of the Change in Registered Office

The registered office of a company is counted as a place where all the official connections related to the company is sent. Apart from registered office, a company owns many different offices such as corporate office, administrative office, branch office, and factory. Though, it is necessary for the registered office to register itself with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Promoters of the company decide the location and place of the registered office. Once registered office is declared via filling INC 22, any changes in the registered office of the company is intimated to the ROC.

The domicile of the company is determined by the registered office of the company. Registrar of Company (ROC) is also decided by the location in which the registered office of the company is situated. Any change in relation to the address of registered office must be informed to the Registrar of Company (ROC) within 15 days.

Reason for Change in Registered Office Address

Stakeholders and the board of directors’ residential area often decide the location of the registered office. The only reason considered is their comfort. Although, in some cases need arises to change the registered office location from one place to another.

  • Company required to change their registered office address when it is growing at a faster pace and the office space and infrastructure does not fit in as per the company’s current position.
  • If you are in the last period of your company’s lease and you are thinking of hiring another office space at lease.
  • If company is planning to explore new genres for business growth and hence planning to shift their registered office to a place where they can explore better market opportunities.
  • If another company is investing in your company you registered office address will bound to shift.

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